A TODDLER had a major mishap earlier this week when he got his head stuck in a toilet seat.

Two-year-old Callum Souch has only just started using the toilet independently - and appears to still be learning how it all works.

Callum emerged from the bathroom with the child seat firmly trapped around his neck after taking "longer than usual".

Friendly firefighters managed to remove the seat with a large pair of pliers before letting Callum sit in the trucks and play with the lights.

Callum's mum,Kirsty Smith, of Bedminster, Bristol, said she now plans to frame the pictures of her son's mishap and give them to him for 18th birthday.

"I was making a cup of coffee when Callum said he needed the toilet. I said: 'Go for it, little man'.

"He was taking a lot longer than usual - and then came out with the toilet seat around his neck, looking like he had won the lottery.

"We tried to get it off but it was really hurting him, so we called the fire service.

"They were originally going to send out a massive truck but I said that wasn't necessary, so we walked.

"The firefighters were lovely. They made a couple of jokes, but they made him feel so welcome."