PROPOSALS to start to a new waste recycling facility in a Cumbrian quarry have been lodged.

The operator of Esk Quarry, in Faugh, Eddie Wannop Ltd, are waiting on a decision by Cumbria County Council to allow it to bring in "inert waste materials" so it can produce aggregate for the building industry.

According to the company's supporting statement: "It is an active sand and gravel quarry.

"The addition of inert waste recycling would help to reduce the volume of waste that goes to landfill.

"The proposals aim to allow the production of sustainable construction materials and reduce the reliance on the extraction of primary materials, to create a facility that moves the management of waste in Cumbria up the waste hierarchy."

It adds: "The site would begin with the importation of inert waste materials.

"It is essential that steps are taken to prevent non compliant materials, rogue loads, from being accepted into the site and as such visual inspections by a competent person would take place."

It states that a number of other checks would also take place.

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