A TOP radio DJ came a cropper after trying to chomp down a two stone beast of a burger that was devilishly dreamt up in Workington.

Kyle Barlow, owner of Madihah's Takeaway, on Finkle Street, hit the headlines when he announced his titanic Tower Burger, which he thinks could be a world record, and was invited on to Roman Kemp's, Capital FM show, in London, yesterday to take on the Goliath challenge.

Weighing in at two stone the meaty masterpiece includes a colossal 56 burgers, 20 bacon strips, and 20 cheese slices and contain more than 30,000 calories.

On his show Roman, whose dad is Martin Kemp, of Spandau Ballet fame, said: "We got a two stone burger that's coming on because I took the mickey out of it earlier in the week and I said it was easy to do and now they have made it for me and I have got to eat it."

However despite being cock-sure to start he began to flag and said it "just kept on coming".

He added: "I have learnt my lesson, when you see articles and say 'I can definitely do that', sometimes you can't."

On Wednesday GMB presenter Piers Morgan also said he wanted to take on the challenge.

Kyle announced the challenge earlier this month - those that finish the £35 burger, within an hour will get it for free, plus a certificate and a picture on the wall.

It takes place every Monday, from 4pm to 10pm, but it has to be booked in advance by ringing 01900 381377.