AN Eden based family business is now a destination electric bike shop, as they relaunch their dedicated e-bike outlet Eden-e-Motion after a forced shut down due to world supply issues in the bicycle industry.

Based in Hartley, Kirkby Stephen, owners of Kat and Paul Clow set up the business to focus solely on electric bikes almost a decade ago. Now, they are the local dealership for the world's leading e-bikes Riese & Müller - the 'Rolls Royce' of electric bikes, alongside their existing ranges including Scott, Eljoy, KTM, Ideal, Gepida and Bergamont.

Following two weeks of self-isolation after returning from a visit to Kat’s parents in Finland, the couple reopened Eden-e-Motion this week in the midst of the new rules on “track and trace”.

Keen to get open and share their new stock and demo bikes with customers, they have come up with a plan to keep everyone safe. There are separate designated areas and screens in the shop now, for customers and staff, clearly identified and masks are obligatory unless exempt. There is a hand gel station and the bikes will be sanitised if they cross into the customer zone.

It’s not a compulsory venue but customers are encouraged to check in with their APP and our QR code. Alongside the other measures in place, this will help everyone safe and everything to return to normal as soon as possible.

Paul said: "Electric bikes are becoming more popular as a great way to have fun and keep fit as well as get around - and many stockists have run out of stock due to the demand for all types of e-bikes.

"People are not just wanting them as an alternative to taking public transport to work in the cities. They are looking for adventure, fun and fitness - with style.

"We have been led by our customers who have been asking for more performance bikes.

"During the lockdown, when we were open as we were officially an essential service, we decided to invest in the best as well as continue to provide a range of good quality e-cycles.

"We are the only open supplier of Riese & Müller bikes in Cumbria, and it’s worth the extra travel distance to see and ride one of these unique machines. It really puts this part of Cumbria on the map for those with passion for the outdoors and a taste for quality and the best.

Kat said: "Despite the worldwide shortage of electric bikes due to the pandemic, do have a chat with us now if you are looking to purchase a cycle, as our experience, business reputation and industry contacts mean we are able to order from a number from our suppliers.

"And Riese & Müller bikes, are built to order, and we can guarantee delivery between six-to-eight weeks.”

"We have Riese & Müller test ride bikes in-store to give you a taste of the experience of riding one of these e-bikes, then each cycle ordered is made specially to meet the customer's specific requirements. Every model represents a complete solution for a specific purpose.

Paul added: "We are advising those looking for an electric bike to resist rushing to any buy whatever they can find on the market and buying something which is unsuitable for them. We are electric bike experts, and available to have a chat with you over the phone or by prearrangement in the shop to give you the best, honest advice.

"With our knowledge of the market, we are confident we can find you in stock or on short order the bike that meets your needs."