A CUMBRIA Police officer was among those remembered at a national memorial service for officers who have died in the line of duty.

PC Nick Dumphreys died at the age of 47 on January 26 this year, after his police car crashed on the motorway between junctions 44 and 43, near Carlisle.

Tributes were paid to PC Dumphreys on Sunday at a service to mark National Police Memorial Day.

The service was held online, and involved contributions from the Prime Minister, Prince Charles, the Home Secretary and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Paul Williams, chairman of the Cumbria Police Federation, said he and many other colleagues took time to reflect on the touching tributes paid during the service to officers who died in the line of duty – including Sgt Matt Ratana, fatally shot in Croydon last week.

"It was a short 30-minute presentation but in that time much was said and it was a real reminder of the dangers of policing and a sad reminder of the loss we have suffered in the last 12 months," he said.

“It’s incredibly important that this event took place in the ever developing Covid situation and I have to congratulate those that helped put this together in such difficult times.”

“The shocking news around the killing of Sgt Matt Ratana left the whole policing community stunned. A cop went to work that night and his life was taken away from him in a horrific, evil way. That leaves us with a mix of emotions that’s hard to describe.

“I was glad to see a tribute to Matt paid in yesterday’s event – he will never be forgotten and events like yesterday remind us of the ultimate sacrifices our officers make in protecting the public.

“It was also touching to see the tribute to our Cumbrian friend and colleague PC Nick Dumphreys who was sadly taken from us.

“This job is real, the dangers are real and we give so much for so little in return. That’s a measure of character required to be a cop. It can make you and break you, yet knowing the risks we do it anyway.”