Eden Valley residents are being encouraged to take advantage of a new Government scheme that can provide £5,000 for energy efficient home improvements.

Penrith and the Border MP Neil Hudson is encouraging residents in his constituency to make use of the new "Green Homes Grant", a Government initiative to improve the energy efficiency of homes.

It is hoped that the scheme will not only help people cut down on bills, but also help to create more environmentally friendly homes and sustain jobs.

The scheme opened yesterday, and can provide funding for the installation of measures such as floor and roof insulation, double or triple glazing and draught-proofing.

Dr Hudson, MP said he would like to encourage households to apply for the vouchers for the many benefits they will bring.

“As a member of the Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, I am really pleased the Government has introduced this scheme,” he said.

“Not only will more energy efficient homes help families save money on their bills, but it will also help the environment too.

“With winter coming, anything we can do to make our homes warmer and more efficient is a real boost.

“And there are other benefits with this scheme too, such as providing more work for the local tradespeople who would carry out the work helping to boost the economy.

“I hope as many people as possible across Penrith and The Border can sign up to this scheme and all the benefits and savings it provides.”

The Green Homes Grant also offers vouchers up to £10,000 for low income families and is available to some landlords as well as homeowners.