CUMBRIA is home to some of the healthiest places to exercise outdoors, according to a new study.

South Lakeland (seventh), Eden (second), Allerdale (third), Copeland (fifth), and Carlisle (eighth) have all been included in the list compiling the the best places to exercise outdoors.

Over the past year, home workouts have become the new norm for many people.

Now that we can once again exercise freely and visit gyms, are there certain areas of the UK where it’s actually healthier to workout at home?

Firstlight London have taken useful metrics such as population density, air pollution and traffic to determine where nationwide it is better to stay in and exercise at home than exercise outdoors or in a crowded gym.

Mark Anthony, Spokesperson for FirstLight London: “When people go out to exercise, they tend to focus on activities, calories burned, and ultimate fitness goals. However, we’ve compiled this data to show where air pollution could actually have an impact on your fitness.

"When exercising, you can go from breathing 15 times a minute to 60 times a minute. This could quadruple the amount of pollution inhaled.

"Ideally, aim to exercise at home, or travel to a low pollution area to get that workout fix and avoid harmful inhalants. If you are desperate to get outdoors and live in one of the worst areas for outdoor workouts, invest in a particulate filtering mask, and avoid busy roads at rush hour times.”