Our guide to all the soap action, week commencing Saturday, November 14

Gone in 60 Seconds - EastEnders (BBC1)

Kat may have been involved with the occasional scam, but she's starting to feel out of her depth about the upcoming robbery and the tensions between her and Shirley aren't helping.

However, Ben convinces her that she should go through with the plan to steal classic cars, although the Mitchells aren't impressed with her choice of getaway driver - Kush.

Despite this, Kush, Phil and Ben head off to the job, while Shirley and Kat are on lookout duty, but can the unlikely gang pull off their heist?

Kim arrives back from Scotland and is shocked to see Raymond, but she's also surprised to hear of Jack and Denise's split when it's obvious to her that there are still feelings between them.

Max encourages Linda's business idea, although Sharon suspects he wants to be more than just a supportive friend. However, it might not be Max that's tempting Linda when she later steals a bottle from the club.

Tina discovers she's worn out her welcome with Iqra and Ash, while Suki has plans to turn the Slaters' house into studio flats and she thinks that Ian may be able to help...

Off the Wagon - Coronation Street (ITV)

It's not a good week for Peter. First, he and Carla clash over how to handle Oliver's situation with Simon, then he's attacked by a thug while working a shift in his taxi.

The villain also steals the car, leaving Peter bloodied, battered and in shock. Passerby Barry calls the police and offers him a drink from his hip flask full of whiskey to perk him up. Peter fails to fight his urge to drink and takes a swig - sadly one leads to many more, putting his life and relationship with Carla in jeopardy.

Leanne continues with her plan to appeal the court's decision to end Oliver's treatment, but knows her chances of success are slim without Steve's support; both try to change the other's mind.

Craig discovers what Ray is up to, so the dodgy business tries to buy his silence, but when that fails, things get nasty. Carla plays Cupid for Adam and Sarah, while Summer arrives - and she isn't pleased to see Todd.

Is Cain Able to Change Moira's Mind? - Emmerdale (ITV)

Moira receives her decree nisi, which leaves her convinced that her marriage is officially over.

However, Sam is hoping there's still a bond between her and her soon-to-be-ex husband, as he asks Moira to talk Cain out of attacking Jamie.

She confronts Cain in the Dingles' barn, only for Mackenize to lock them in together. Will this be an opportunity for the former couple to work things out, or will it convince Moira that it's time for her to leave Emmerdale?

Jamie tries to sack Dawn for meeting with her dealer, but she admits he was actually a former clients - and she's prepared to sleep with her boss if he keeps quiet about it. He eventually agrees to take her up on the offer, but why is he so keen for Mackenzie to get Will up to the house?

Belle continues to hallucinate about Jamie and hears Lisa's voice in her head. But it's when she goes missing following Nate and Tracy's gender reveal party, taking a cake knife with her, that the Dingles realise just how serious the situation has become. Meanwhile, 'Lisa' is telling Belle to protect her family...

What a Carry On, Cleo - Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Cleo comes back to the village, which is awkward for Mitchell - especially as her return reminds Walter of how much he wants his grandson to have a 'proper' family.

To make the situation even more potentially fraught, Toby takes a shine to his brother's ex, although he has bigger things on his mind when he realises Lisa's body may be unearthed at the hotel and asks for Celeste's help in moving it.

Meanwhile, Theresa notices that the doll has been surprisingly quiet since Cleo's arrival and wonders if that means she's the blackmailer.

As Ste breaks the news to Sid about the extent of his injuries, Nancy gathers Marnie, Misbah and Mandy together to talk about the extent of the drug problem among the village's teens. Marnie realises that all the warning signs apply to Juliet and decides to take the dangerous step of confronting Victor.

Brody worries that Sienna is becoming obsessed with Faith, Brooke is devasted when Ollie makes a confession about the party, and Felix continues to rub his relationship with Grace in Martine's face.

Justin's Worst Fear Arises - Home and Away (C5)

After having further tests, Justin realises he's facing another bout of surgery and looks into the possibility of having radiotherapy instead - something Tori advises against.

She may be distracted, however, by Christian. During another date with the hunk, she risks losing his affections by interrogating him about his personality, past and career. What's more, she and Jasmine clash over him.

Colby is shocked when Taylor ends their affair. Angelo continues to be suspicious of his wife's behaviour and decides to hack into her deleted phone records, after which he hatches a plan to catch her and Colby in a compromising position.

Dean grows increasingly tired of Amber's refusal to let Jai meet Karen so threatens to take her to court, a move that brings Francesca's terrifying wrath down on him. Later, Amber tries to keep her mother out of it, but it seems she's caused irreparable damage to her relationship with Dean.

Caught at Last - Neighbours (C5)

Affairs never remain a secret in soapland for long, so it should come as no surprise when Paul walks in on Dipi and Pierce in a compromising position.

The dodgy businessman decides to use his newfound knowledge to his benefit by blackmailing Pierce into selling him his shares of the hotel. Pierce, however, isn't keen on the idea and is left wondering whether it might be worth coming clean. Meanwhile, it finally dawns on Dipi that the truth is going to come out sooner rather than later.

An oblivious Chloe is otherwise occupied trying to help Jane and Nicolette reconnect, but as Jane is obsessed with finding out why her daughter is seeking closure on Mrs Mangel, she may be left wanting.

As Scarlett lies gravely injured in her hospital bed, Ned makes her confess everything, while Hendrix's efforts to help Harlow combat her exam stress end in disaster thanks to Terese.