A REPORT has shown the increase in the amount of first-class degrees universities have given out in the past 10 years. The list showed name of institution, proportion of graduates awarded a first in 2010-11, and proportion of graduates awarded a first in 2018-19. The University of Cumbria saw almost a 10 per cent increase as in 2010-11 only 13.5 per cent of students received a first and in 2018-19, 23.4 per cent of graduates were awarded a first. The Cumbrian based university saw a modest rise when compared to some who saw increases of 20-30 per cent. The general trend was an increase in the number of first awarded by academic institutions. The University of Cumbria is a public university in Cumbria, with its headquarters in Carlisle and other major campuses in Lancaster, Ambleside, and London. The university crept up the university league tables in recent years and is now ranked at 117th in the country. Combining experience, quality-teaching and dedicated student support, the university has helped over 45,000 students to make their impact on the world.