These pictures show a man's garden swamped after a massive wall collapsed just weeks after he moved in - and insurers may not pay out. Gutted Damian Weddell, 45, is staring at a huge pile of rubble and mud after tonnes of earth crashed outside his back door. Damian had moved in just over three weeks earlier to start a new chapter in his life. But he is now worried he'll have to foot the bill after insurers warned he might not be covered -because it was accidental. The wall came crashing down at his home on the morning of October 28 - and now covers three-quarters of his garden.

Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette: RUBBLE: Damien Weddell at his newly purchased home in Bradford on Avon where his garden wall has collapsedRUBBLE: Damien Weddell at his newly purchased home in Bradford on Avon where his garden wall has collapsed

The dad-of-two is now battling with his insurers over the cause of the destruction, which he believes was the recent Storm Alex. But Admiral have said that if surveys confirm the wall collapsed because of accidental damage they will not be paying out. Damian said: "I just heard a massive rumbling noise. I thought: 'What the hell is that?'. I went to the back window straight away - and was confronted with what you can see in the pictures. "I was shocked, stunned. The wall is a hundred per cent destroyed. I have no garden. "As soon as it happened I contacted my insurers Admiral. Even before we get to the brass tacks of whether it's covered or not, the level of service has been diabolic." Damian said he has had to argue a number of issues with the firm, such as over the ownership of the wall. He continued: "On the first call they made a mistake in thinking the garden wall wasn't covered under the policy. "I have a series of missteps with them, including them cancelling the claim because they had somehow got hold of information that the council owned my property. "I went to the council - and they said: 'We have nothing to do this this'. "Then [Admiral] said they needed evidence. I said: 'Do you want me to get you the title deeds?'. They said yes. This has all cost me time. "They sent around a structural engineer. That should have been done earlier. It's just taking a long, long time." Damian is now worried that his insurers might not pay out because a decision will be made that the collapse was an accident. But he is arguing the damage was caused by water soaking into the hillside during Storm Alex - for which he should be covered. He said: "All of the surveyors I come into contact with seem to think there’s going to be nothing to link this event to an insured cause under my policy. "It's water pressure - that's probably not the contentious bit. It's how and why the pressure caused it. "My argument would be that Storm Alex is, in effect, a flood. The damage doesn't have to be instant to meet a claim. "Admiral are still assessing if they need to cover me or not. I'm wary of guessing, but we are talking thousands of pounds - tens, if not hundreds. "If they don't I don't know what happens. I certainly won't be able to raise the funds to repair it - even with sharing the cost with the neighbours. "It shouldn't be this way." A spokesman for Admiral said: "Firstly, we'd like to say we're sorry that Mr Weddell doesn’t feel we’ve investigated the damage to the collapsed wall thoroughly. "He raised a complaint with us on October 30 and has been involved in ongoing discussions with the quality team in our claims department. "They are still investigating his claim and his complaint. Once we have this report, we'll be in a position to make a final decision and will let Mr Weddell know. "However, if this third surveyor confirms the collapse was due to accidental damage then unfortunately Mr Weddell won’t be covered."