READERS have made their views known after a courting couple’s second date ended in disaster when one of the lovestruck duo slipped 60m down a fell.

The incident happened on Saturday at Sharp Edge, Blencathra – when the duo tried to descend towards Scales Tarn in “slippery conditions”.

The man slipped and fell plunging 60m down a steep rocky slope before coming to rest on a ledge.

The woman was left stuck on the crag before she was rescued.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team were called at 3.22pm, Coastguard and the Great North Air Ambulance Service helicopters were also scrambled.

The good news is that - not to be put off, the team have confirmed a third date “has already been discussed”.

The man was later taken to Glasgow hospital by the Coast Guard and the woman was able to walk down fell after she was rescued.

Readers took to Facebook to make their views known.

Paul Irving said: "This keeping fit and healthy will be the death of some people."

Aleasha Wallace posted: "Ive done sharps edge on a date before.

"But honestly they were asking for trouble doing that scramble at this time of year."

Nutter Butter said: "'Falling' for her on the second date, glad they're both ok - well done to everyone involved."

Pauline Anne said: "Hope they are social distancing while dating in a lockdown."

Lesleigh Mckitten said: "Maybe just go Maccy D’s [McDonald's]."

Another reader commented: "I bet he was a pushover."