IN what will be concerning news to many, a nationwide data study has revealed that two Cumbria roads are amongst the top ten worst places for your car to break down in the country.

The two locations were named in a set of new research from Scrap Car Comparison.

Roads throughout Britain were analysed in the big data study which analysed a wide range of factors in order to reach its conclusions.

To make drivers aware of these troublesome roads, the analysis looked at various factors that can make breaking down a particularly bad experience, such as the amount of rainfall, lack of phone signal, traffic levels and distances from services that can help, such as petrol stations or tax companies. The roads were then all ranked against these factors to find which came out as the best and worst.

Cumbria didn’t fare well at all, featuring twice in the top ten due to the A6 by the village of Shap and the A596 near Netherton.

The A6 Road was named the fifth worst in the country, with the A596 near Netherton place in ninth.

The B725, near the hamlet of Middlebie in Dumfries Scotland has won the unfortunate crown of being the very worst, due to its inconvenient mixture of poor weather and remote location. The road itself is situated more than 20 miles from the nearest taxi company, almost 10 miles from a petrol station and 34 miles from a phone antenna, while being subject to low temperatures and 105cm of rainfall.

Dan Gick, Managing Director at Scrap Car Comparison commented: "With the cold and dark winter months upon us, we hope the findings will help drivers avoid any unfortunate scenarios, and stick to roads that are a bit kinder to breakdowns!”