The LIFESAVER who was injured on a rescue mission above Kirkstone Pass has been named as Chris Lewis.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue lifesaver Chris, 60, fell 150 metres from Red Screes on February 6.

Chris and colleagues were aiding one of two wild campers who had fallen ill. The volunteer suffered severe spinal injuries and it is feared he will never walk again.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue team leader Mike Ripon told the press: “He’s got quite a lot of damage to his back in the area of his neck which has pretty serious and critical conditions for the future.

“We expect him to be at the best case wheelchair bound but that would be a pretty good outcome.”

The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association has launched a fundraising campaign for Chris on Just Giving.

LDSAMRA said that Chris’s injuries meant that he would need support for the rest of his life.

Richard Warren, chair of LDSAMRA was pleased to see the massive community support. Just hours into the fundraiser’s first day, it had gained £156,437 and as The Whitehaven News went to press, the figure was approaching £191,000.

“The messages of support and sympathy will be very comforting for him and his family,” he said.

The nature of the call-out has provoked a strong reaction from the public. Mr Warren said: “I think it’s created a lot of frustration and anger within the community.

"Mountain rescuers are really shocked and disappointed that it happened with people that were blatantly breaking the lockdown rules but equally, it’s very important for us as volunteers to remember what our position is in the community.

“We’re here to help anybody that needs it in those extreme situations. When they get into trouble they need help desperately and we just go and help.

The accident could have been avoided if the two never came up but that accident could happen the next day with a fell runner.”

Chris’s life changing fall has had a profound effect, Mr Warren said: “The thing that’s struck home with all the mountain rescuers throughout the country is that it could so easily be their name in the papers.”