A Cumbrian MP has raised issues with broadband and phone signal in Cumbria at Prime Minister's Questions.

Dr Neil Hudson, who represents Penrith and the Border, asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson for assurance that the Government is working to resolve the issues.

Dr Hudson said: "Penrith and the Border struggles with poor broadband and phone signal connectivity, with download speeds around 56 per cent of the UK average. 

"Many of my constituents have been quoted large and unfeasible sums for new cables to be installed, which is often the only option to improve coverage. 

"I welcome the potential of the shared rural network, the gigabit voucher scheme, and the universal service obligation to help - but what reassurance can my right honourable friend give my constituents that government is striving to address these broadband and phone signal 'not spots' in rural Cumbria?"

In response, Mr Johnson assured Dr Hudson that work on various schemes was progressing as quickly as possible.
Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette: Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: PAPrime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: PA

The Prime Minister said: "I thank my honourable friend for all he does for the hardest to reach areas, particularly in rural Cumbria.

"I know we're doing all we can because I raise it virtually every day, and we are rolling it out as fast as we can.

"We've committed about £5 billion to connect those areas, £1 billion for the shared rural network agreement and a voucher scheme to target predominantly rural areas, but we are intending to get everything we can possibly done in the next five years."