South Lakes Planning Applications


Roof over existing midden, Croft House, Leece, Ulverston. For Mr Steven Cooper-S&M Cooper.

Oak - Crown raise, T2 – Oak – Fell, T3 – Beech – Fell, T4 – Oak – Fell, Shady Bowers 14 Redhills Road, Arnisde. For Mrs Leanne Sharp.

Chestnut - Crown raise to approximately 6m and crown thin by a maximum of 30% & T2 –Sycamore - Crown raise to approximately 6m and crown thin by a maximum of 30 %, 1 Inglemere Close, Arnside. For Mr Phipps.

Single storey rear extension, 12 Springfield, Arnside. For Mr Philip Danby.

Erection of 4 stables and a hay barn, unnamed field, Holme, Carnforth. For Mrs Suzanne Wainwright.

Side conservatory, The Dews, Carr Bank Road, Carr Bank, Milnthorpe. For Mr Peter Mulcrone.

Alterations and extensions to existing dwelling house, 54 Morewood Drive, Burton-In-Kendal. For Mr and Mrs Cannon.

T1 & T2 Beech – Fell, The Old Parsonage, 6 Grange Fell Road, Grange-over-Sands. For Russell Hodson, Arborology.

Single storey front extension and side porch/store, Silver Holme, Albert Road, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr David Paton.

Replace existing post and wire fence with one meter high wooden fence, 25 Oversands View, Grange-over-Sands. For Mrs Susan Nelson.

Construction of car port, 4 Pinders Lane, Holme, Carnforth. For Mr Andrew Bonsall.

Proposed single storey rear extension and extension to existing detached garage, 2 Twinter Bank, Holme. For Mr. & Mrs O'Neil.

Dropping kerb on the front to make the entrance wider, Aisling North Road, Holme. For Mr Nathan Dobson.

Single storey rear extension extending 5.00 metres (measured externally) beyond the rear wall of the original house with a maximum height of 3.70 metres (measured externally from natural ground level) and maximum height to eaves of 2.50 metres (measured externally), 62 Hillswood Avenue, Kendal. For Mr & Mrs Andrew Blenkharn.

Formal notification of 28 days notice in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Code) Regulations 2017 (as amended) to install 1 new pole, Gilthwaiterigg Lane, Kendal. For Jaya Kumar S Openreach.

Replacement UPVC windows and front door and installation of French patio doors to the rear, 11 Nether Street, Kendal. For Mr Mathew Rooke.

Replacement double glazed hardwood front windows, 14 Collin Croft, Kendal. For Mr Luke Nelson.

New modular building connected to mains power and drainage, Kendal Leisure Centre, Burton Road, Kendal. For NHS Trust.

4-storey extension incorporating a two-story plant room, Westmorland General Hospital, Burton Road, Kendal. For Mr Ian Ferguson.

To provide a parking space to the front garden area and changing the grass verge to a tarmacadam surface for access to the parking space, 47 Rydal Road, Kendal. For Ms Orvis.

Erection of an end of terrace bungalow with joined porch structure, 10 Ruskin Close, Kendal. For Mr Jake Newton.

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate (proposed) for infill gable above existing kitchen extension, slated roof extended over, 156 Burneside Road, Kendal. For T & C Wileman & Drysdale, Gordondraws Ltd.

Proposed rear extension, 21 Hawthorn Way, Kendal. For Mr J Goble.

Detached garage, 21 Lumley Road, Kendal. For Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Ormrod.

Replacement glazing to existing stone mullion windows, Allhallows Church House, Cliff Lane, Kendal. For Mr and Mrs Moss.

Discharge of conditions 3 (Materials), 4 (Historic Building Record) attached to Listed Building Consent SL/2020/0644, Levens Hall, Kendal. For Mr R Bagot.

Single storey rear and side extension with rear balcony and off road parking for two vehicles. Forming kitchen, dining room, utility, extended bathroom and porch, 20 Marne Avenue, Ravenstown, Grange-over-Sands. For Kelly Carter and Pawel Orawiec.

Proposed track for access to Terry Bank Wood for forestry works, Terry Bank Wood, Old Town, Kirkby Lonsdale. For Pease, The Trustees of Karen Pease 1987 settlement.

Erection of agricultural building for the storage of agricultural machinery, machinery, implements & fodder, land to the west of B5281 Ulverston. For Mr Phili Rhodes, Philip W Rhodes Ltd.

Application for non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission SL/2020/0657 (Demolition of rear extensions and garage, construction of a single storey rear and side extension and a rear conservatory, internal alterations and widening of Gateway) I refer to the above application and the amend, Lea Green, Natland, Kendal. For D & MC Shore.

T1 - Sycamore - Remove lower left branch + smaller branch on the lower right limb, 3 West Green, Ulverston. For Sophie Goodall.

Application to determine if prior approval is required for a change of use of former pig unit into 2 dwellings, Sillfield Farm, Gatebeck, Kendal. For Mr Peter Gott.

Change of use of agricultural land to domestic curtilage, erection of a summerhouse & improvements to vehicular access (Retrospective), Waterside Barn, Preston Patrick. For Mr Lee Brady.

Proposed single storey rear extension, Hazel Garth, Crooklands. For Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pattinson.

Proposed side and rear single storey extensions and cabin, Gouldmire Cottage, Scalthwaiterigg, Kendal. For Mr and Mrs Paul Jackson.

Building to cover existing yard and midden, Gilthwaiterigg Lane Barn, Kendal. For Mr Jim Stewart.

Porch at side of house, Crandon Sprint, Holme, Burneside. For Mr Alan Thompson.

Creation of off road parking area, 2 Holme Houses, Burneside. For Mr Tim Strickland.

Single storey rear extension, 44 Kennedy Place, Daltongate, Ulverston. For Mr and Mrs Irving.

Renovation of masonry and stone single volume building, replacement of existing bituminous flat roof with new double pitched slate roof with integrated solar array and roof-lights, and over-cladding of the south and east elevations with new ceramic faience façade, Owl Barn, Back Lane, Ulverston. For Gavin Towers.

Discharge of condition 9 (Materials) attached to planning permission SL/2016/0602, Gascow Farm, Priory Road, Ulverston. For Mr Jon Gould.

Creation of off-road parking area (Retrospective), Hamilton House, Church Walk, Ulverston. For Mr Daniel Viney.


Widening, extension and surfacing of the existing woodland entrance, Hesketh Woods, opposite Marshall Court, Cartmel. For Mrs Rachel Bagshaw. Grant with conditions.

Erection of 28 affordable dwellings and associated infrastructure, OS Field nos 1737 and 1841 to the north of Boon Town, Burton-In-Kendal. For South Lakes Housing. Grant with conditions.

Replacement detached double garage, Dower House, Eccle Riggs Lane, Broughton-in-Furness. Grant with conditions.

Ash tree at the west boundary of the property - fell because it is leaning towards my property and its size means the property is at risk if it were to fall. 2. Cherry tree at the east boundary of the property - fell because it is dead and there is a risk of it falling onto the adjacent road B5277, and it has caused damage to the boundary wall. 3. Yew tree adjacent to item 2 - fell because of poor condition, Silver Birches, Lyndene Drive, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr Duncan Roy. No objections.

To cut down small Ash, sycamore which are overhanging the back road, Back Road, Lyndene Drive, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr. Norman Crowe. No objections.

Change of use from residential care home (Use class C2) to single dwelling (Use class C3), alterations to the vehicular access, extensions & alterations, erection of detached garage, erection of retaining walls and removal of trees to the western boundary, Heversham House, Heversham. For Dr Christopher Moss. Grant with conditions.

Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) attached to planning permission SL/2016/1141 (Single storey dwelling), 2 Land to west of 28 Dugg Hill, Heversham. For C Chew. Grant with conditions.

Change of use and alterations to redundant storage building to accommodation suitable for holiday letting with landscaping and parking area, Newbiggin Farm, Newbiggin, Carnforth. For Mr & Mrs I Whittaker. Grant with conditions.

Discharge of conditions 8 (Vehicular crossing) and 12 (Validation Report and Remediation Statement) attached to planning permission SL/2019/0176, garage site east of Castle Drive Off Parkside Road, Kendal. For S Hartley- Tyson Construction. Discharge of conditions approve.

Conversion of existing garage into part of dwelling, including replacement of current flat roof with pitched roof. Replacement porch, reroof to house including two new Velux windows & replacement of all windows and doors., 49a Kendal Green, Kendal. For Mrs Rosie Rix. Grant with conditions.

Replacement windows and doors, 1, 2, 5, 6 ,7 & 8 Nobles Rest, Maude Street, Kendal. For Kendal Almshouse Charity. Grant with conditions.

Lime tree in rear garden, crown thin by 30%, reduce by 2M all over crown to allow more light to house & garden, Mondoory, Empsom Road, Kendal. For Mr Ian Stanley. Grant with conditions.

Beech Tree overhanging garden of Mondoory. Remove 3 lowest branches, Willow Bank, Horncop Lane, Kendal. For Mr Ian Stanley. Grant with conditions.

Removal of existing conservatory and construction of single storey front and side extension to lower ground floor level, 1 Hayfell Rise, Kendal. For Mr and Mrs Stephen Rothwell. Grant with conditions.

Single storey rear extension & front porch extension, 6 Littledale, Kendal. For Ms Laura Hutton. Grant with conditions.

Repair works to chimney and surrounding roof area, Flat 1 New Bank Yard, 17 Highgate, Kendal. For Mrs Carole Middleton. Listed Building - Grant Cond.

Copper beech T1 - reduce by 2 metres & thin crown to reduce windage, reduce shade and maintain shape/proportions. Plum T2 - reduce by 2 metres and trim crown to reduce windage, one trunk blew over recently as the trunk is getting brittle, 17 Glendene, Gillinggate, Kendal. For Mr Martyn Hurn. No objections.

Discharge of condition 7 (Construction Environment and Traffic Management Plan), 8 (Surface Water drainage), 9 (Flood Risk) attached to planning permission SL/2018/0181, 9 and 10 Aynam Road, Kendal. For Aynam Tower Developments. Part. disc. of conditions.

Glazed balcony and alteration to vehicle access, 1 Garth Heads, Kendal. For Mrs Nicholson. Refuse.

Detached implement shed/garage, Parkdale, Beckside, Kirkby-in-Furness. For Mr Joseph William Fisher. Grant with conditions.

Application for Lawful Development Certificate (Proposed) for a single storey rear extension, Ashfield 7 Hawes Lane, Natland, Kendal. For Mr Robert Granger. Grant.

Single storey side extension, 34 Ulverston Road, Swarthmoor, Ulverston. For Rebecca Wilkinson. Grant with conditions.

Single storey rear extension, rear extension and 1st floor extension over existing attached garage, 4 Brookvale, Swarthmoor, Ulverston. For Mr N Hastings. Grant with conditions.

Erection of agricultural building for the storage of agricultural machinery & fodder, Barnsdale, Burneside, Kendal. For Mrs Irene Gawith. PN AGBU PA not required.

New agricultural track to provide access to proposed new agricultural building, Barnsdale, Burneside, Kendal. For Mrs Irene Gawith. Withdrawn.

Installation of 3 x external CCTV cameras in Ulverston Town Centre, Kings Arms, 35 King Street, 3 Market Place & 13 Market Street, Ulverston. For Mrs Jayne Kendall - Ulverston Town Council. Grant with conditions.

Single storey rear extension, 38 Oakwood Drive, Ulverston. For Mr Ben Dryden. Grant with conditions.

Formal notification of 28 days notice in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Code) Regulations 2017 (as amended) to install 1 x 8 meter wooden pole (6.2 meters above ground, Sycamore Lodge, Pennington Lane, Ulverston. For Julie Calladine, Openreach. PN TEL PA not required.

Stable block with existing gated access from private lane, land at Halier How Lane, Great Urswick, Ulverston. For Mrs Brenda Anne Webster. Grant with conditions.