THERE are fears that mountain rescue teams could be busier than usual this weekend as the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions co-insides with the Easter holidays.

Mountain rescue teams in Cumbria have urged members of the public to prepare properly before setting out for a day in the Lakes.

Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue chair Richard Warren made the public plea yesterday with the aim of reducing any potential pressure on emergency services.

“The issue the mountain rescue teams have is the number of people who will be coming up to the Lake District to enjoy outdoor activities, which is great, but it brings a few problems for mountain rescue teams and the whole Cumbrian community,” he said.

“The rescue teams’ biggest concern is that some people lack the understanding of the importance of being prepared.”

Mr Warren said that out of the 500-600 rescues that teams in Cumbria perform every year, around 30 per cent of them are avoidable.

“It’s when they get lost or haven’t got a torch, or they’ve underestimated what they’re about to do and it’s taken them too long.

“It’s really important that people start thinking about ‘what happens if’.

“Even now, the forecast for the weekend is saying there may be snow on the tops of some of the mountains. It’s no good going up the mountains in shorts.”

Mountain rescuers are volunteers who put their lives on the line to help those in need on the fells with one even sustaining life changing injuries in February. Chris Lewis' fundraiser saw a massive response which looks to pay for support for the rest of his life.

Lifesaver Chris Lewis

Lifesaver Chris Lewis

Andrew Slattery, Cumbria Police's assistant chief constable weighed in on the potential weekend rush recently, he said: "It is very positive that our areas of outstanding natural beauty can open up to more visitors and residents alike and we are expecting a busy weekend. We hope that all those enjoying our open spaces do so responsibly, disposing of any rubbish carefully and leaving the areas as they find them."

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