A NEW primetime TV drama is set to begin filming in Cumbria next month.

The eight-part supernatural crime thriller, called The Rising, is being made for Sky.

It’s the story of Neve Kelly, played by Clara Rugaard, who discovers that she is dead - she’s scared and confused by this new existence.

When she realises she’s been murdered, she gets angry and is determined to find her killer to get justice, thinking it’s someone she knew.

According to the show's billing, Neve is “impulsive and restless” and regrets never leaving her isolated community.

As she comes to terms with her abilities, she begins to destabilise the lives of those she left behind, particularly her estranged father, Tom, and her much loved mum Maria.

It adds that: “Neve is a disruptive, unsettling hero who should not exist and she needs to find her purpose.

“She takes us through the investigation into her death, going where the police can’t.

“In the process she uncovers deeply buried secrets and is forced to re-examine everything about her life and the people she cared about.

“With nothing to lose but time, Neve will push for the truth even when it hurts. Her return forces everyone around her to change, confess, or start covering their tracks. But, it also reveals that there are others like her out there.”

The series will star a line up of young emerging talent including Clara as Neve, Nenda Neururer, as Alex Wyatt, and Solly McLeod as Joseph Wyatt, Alex’s cousin and Neve’s boyfriend.

It also stars Daniel Ings, Emily Taaffe, Alex Lanipekun and Robyn Cara.

Zai Bennett, managing director of content said “It’s a fresh take on an atmospheric thriller and I’m hugely excited to bring this story to Sky.”

Julian Stevens, executive producer, said:”We give agency to our central character and allowing the entire narrative to be told from her perspective.

“It’s a pleasure to be working on such a dynamic show.”

Jane Millichip, chief content officer, Sky Studios said: “The Rising is the first series produced entirely in-house at Sky Studios.

“It’s fantastic to be working with Julian Stevens and a world-class team of established and emerging talent, who are delivering a fresh and impactful take on the supernatural genre.”

It’s due to hit screens some time next year.