CYCLISTS carrying bikes on the back of their cars have been warned by police.

It comes after they spotted a car which had its licence plates obscured by bikes.

Police said bike racks on cars should not obscure the number plates because it creates a safety issue as indicators and signals will not be visible to other drivers.

A spokesman for Cumbria Roads Police said: “Bike racks are great for lugging the bikes about but they must not obscure the number plates and/or rear light clusters.

“The fines are comfortably more than a light bar and a re-sited, or duplicate, plate.

“A signal is not a signal if no-one can see it.”

According to drivers need to make sure rear number plates and lights are still legible - even if you can see them through the wheel spokes.

“Obscure them and you’ll get points on your licence, and a fine that can run into thousands of pounds, so don’t take the risk,” the website said.