PLANS have been submitted to replace a large livestock building at Barrow house farm, on Woodbine lane in Newton.

Barrow borough council says in its report that: “The current unused building is to be replaced by a livestock building. This is to house both pedigree and heritage herds of 30 or more cattle, along with 100 sheep.

The plans show that the new building will be 28.5 meters by 13.7 meters and made up of concrete plinth panels, with a concrete base for the livestock to stand on. A tractor's doorway will be part of the new design along with a vaulted roof to allow rainwater to run off. The roof will be made of cement fibber sheeting in natural grey.

Six native trees will be planted at the back at 3 meters in height, allowing for additional screening and to encourage bird habitat.

“The council report also says that; 'the replacement building has benefits for the farm and satisfies the local plan.