A Cumbrian woman has shown her confidence in football coming home – by getting a tattoo backing the Three Lions in their bid to be champions of Europe.

Courtney Harrison decided to get the artwork after she and some friends agreed to get matching tattoos if England won the tournament.

However, excitement got the better of her and Courtney visited Jinx Whitehaven on Tuesday to get what she hoped would be England's lucky charm ahead of their Euro 2020 semi-final clash with Denmark tonight.

Courtney, of Workington, said: “I just couldn’t wait – I thought I would give them a bit of good luck, so I just went and got it on my own.”

When Courtney visited the salon, tattoo artist Georgia wasn’t too sure about the England fan's request.

Courtney said: “The tattoo lady said 'is this a dare?', because no normal person would just come and get this tattoo.”

She said that, although the excitement of the game was still there, nerves have got the better of her since her last-minute decision.

She said: “I am very nervous, let's just say that. Imagine getting a tattoo to say 'It’s coming home' and then them losing the day after... I am very nervous but I do have faith.

“I’ll have branded myself for life.”

The 22-year-old has a funny back-up plan if England do fall so close to the finishing line.

She said: “I'm going to get a little arrow and put 'not', so I'll have it’s coming home and a little arrow saying it’s not which will be even funnier.”

Courtney is due to watch tonight's match with her friends and is hopeful that the Lions can take a further step to victory.

She is very doubtful that her three friends will pay in their side of the bargain – even if England go on to win Euro 2020.