AN ATHLETE who is hailed as a pioneer of deaf awareness will pass the torch to the next Deaflympics GB captain after a BBC documentary covering her career.

Hammer thrower Bethan Lishman from Brigham will appear in a BBC documentary about her career in August, it marks the end of her reign as GB Deaflympics captain.

“The visibility of deaf athletes is a lot higher than it used to be so this is like my send off.

“It was very emotional that’s the end of my four year reign as GB captain.”

Last week Bethan recorded her interviews for the documentary and is set to welcome them to her training ground.

Looking back on her achievements and how far she has come was a cathartic experience for Bethan.

She said: “It’s come at the right time for me, the few weeks have been a massive mental battle. This Summer is the end of my reign, this is me sending off my legacy, I wanted it to be a positive legacy.”

As well as competing in the hammer throw, Bethan works as a gymnastics teacher.

She aims to teach others that their disability is no barrier to their success.

“If I can inspire one kid just to go out and enjoy a bit of sport, I’ve done my bit.

“I always say to them now, if you can dream it and you can believe it you most certainly can achieve it.”

The documentary is set to broadcast in August as Bethan’s reign as Deaflympics GB captain ends. Despite passing on the title this Summer, Bethan’s competitive career is set to continue.

“When I’ve done the filming today (Friday) and talked about the journey I’ve had to go on and what it was like for athletes I’ve got some of the fire back.”

Bethan was runner up in the Deaf Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2020. She next competes in the inter-regionals match for the Northern masters team on Sunday at Nuneaton. It is her first event for the Northern masters team.