A 'RARE' Bronze Age Adze was found in a detectorist outing recently in Cumbria by a Dalton based group.

Unearthed is a metal detectorist shop and the owner organises multiple trips to various locations across the country in the quest to uncover new historic treasures.

Graeme Rushton, who is no stranger to a rare find himself, said that this was found at a site to the west of Penrith by detectorist Danny Lancaster 10 minutes in.

"In a nutshell, an Adze is a specialised tool for carving tough wood," Mr Rushton said.

"You do not usually see them coming up, so this is a rare find.

"We were pretty pleased that Danny managed to find it as it is more than 3000-years-old, which is obviously quite the find.

"The field he found it on was actually due to be ploughed this year and I don't think it had been ploughed since the war, so we may have saved it from destruction.

"It was handled extremely carefully of course but the excitement was so high because he found it within the first 10 minutes.

"It is probably the oldest thing has ever found and I don't think he was properly able to detect after that because he was so excited."

He went on to say how the find caused a fervour among the detectorists who were all keen to find something equally significant, but it was not to be topped.

Mr Rushton said it was not hugely valuable in monetary terms but had huge historical importance and is to go to Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery in Carlisle to be recorded by experts in the field.