HELP for the most vulnerable to find a safe place to live will be on the agenda today, as Barrow Borough Council looks to convert a property into four self contained units.

The Barrow executive committee, will present its' ‘Housing first program,' which if past could support homeless people with multiple and complex needs.

David Higham founder and CEO ‘The Well Communities’ which looks after people in Barrow with a history of mental health and homelessness issues, will be crossing his fingers for a the plans get approved. He said: “We have a fantastic relationship with Barrow Borough Council and have worked amazingly together to bring about change for those most in need in Barrow.

“Hopefully, the council with look favourably on this project, so together we can create a space where people can recover.”

The papers produced ahead of the meeting says: “The Housing Service is looking to convert a disused dwelling into four-self contained units.

“Residents who are currently in insecure accommodation or accommodation that is not conducive to their recovery plans, could apply along with those transitioning from emergency temporary accommodation requiring support."