PENRITH and Natland have been selected as be stops on a climate change pilgrimage for the UN.

The pilgrimage will see land groups walking the length of UK.

UN climate talks are to urge world leaders to protect nature pass through Natland and Oxenholme on 3 October and Penrith on 7 October.

They will also be urging local farmers or landowners to ‘be part of historic climate walk’ by hosting pilgrims overnight.

This will provide a chance for the people of the Natland, Oxenholme and Penrith areas to have their say on the health and future of nature when a group conducting an epic climate change pilgrimage pass through in early October.

20 ordinary people will be walking the 500 miles along the length of the UK to urge world leaders to protect nature.

The group, called Listening to the Land, sets out to build the numbers, diversity and advocacy power of those speaking up for nature and to ensure those voices are heard at the landmark UN Climate Conference COP26 in Glasgow this November.

"This is a once in a lifetime walk, and we hope that by the time we arrive in Glasgow we will have spoken to thousands of people about nature, and inspired tens of thousands more to upload a photograph of their own sacred walk and their own thoughts on nature.

"We want to include as many voices as possible in this beautiful, creative act of reverence for earth, and as we call on world leaders to walk the walk on climate,’ said co-founder of the project Jolie C. Booth, who is one of the group walking all 500 miles.

"We’re phenomenally excited to visit Penrith Beacon, and we hope, with local residents, light a fire to burn for action on the climate emergency.

"We really want to hear your ideas about what world and business leaders should do to protect the earth.

"All we ask in return is somewhere to lay our heads for the night.

"We'll leave no trace but hopefully some fond friendships and lasting memories."