UNPAID carers in Cumbria, caring for loved ones with dementia will be able to access new support as Carer Support Eden and Dementia Carers Count come together for a special event and to launch new courses in the county.

Lead support worker at Carer Support Eden, Sarah Jewett is working with Lorraine Haining of the Dementia Carers Count to provide courses to help support unpaid carers of people living with dementia.

Last year 2,678 people were diagnosed with dementia in north Cumbria. However, fewer than three in five people suspected of living with dementia were given a formal diagnosis, according to data from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities.

Just 57.1 per cent of people thought to have dementia in the NHS North Cumbria CCG area were formally diagnosed in 2021.

Sarah explained: "We are working with Dementia Carers Count to develop a training programme specifically for people in our area, to support families who are Unpaid Carers, looking after their loved ones in their homes"

Lorraine continued: "We are often told by the people that come on our courses that they feel guilty if they consider their own needs, as they think the person with dementia needs all the attention and care. However, we want you to know that caring for yourself is not selfish or a ‘waste of time’. It’s absolutely necessary, for two reasons:

"You will care better if you take time to recharge your batteries and build your resilience.

"You are a person too and worthy of care, respect and compassion."


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