HERE are the best parks in Cumbria and the South Lakes that you should visit this summer.

Do you enjoy a nice relaxing walk in the sun, or a picnic with your family?

These are the most popular parks in the county.

  • Ford Park

Ulverston's community park is situated below the Sir John Barrow monument and is visited by hundreds of people every day.

If you wish to find a nice view of one of the area’s most iconic monuments than visit this park.

Jaime Black said: "Nice walk to the top to see the monument, lots of seating on the way up a little steep in areas there is another way up at the back, open at weekends or if you see the flag flying, beautiful views from the top."

  • Talkin Tarn Country Park

The glacial lake and country park near Brampton was formed 10,000 years ago by mass glacial action and its beauty is almost unrivalled.

This is a popular venue for families and local people

Susan Oldham said: "This is our 3rd visit. It is a lovely Park to visit for a walk around the lake, it is about 1.5 miles in total. There is also a cafe, which serves delicious pasties, sandwiches, cakes, tea coffee etc, the ladies in the cafe are extremely friendly. The entrance to the park is free, there is a small charge for parking. We will definitely be back."

  • Barrow Park

One of the town's most popular destinations for families, tourists, and visitors.

The park has hosted numerous events and brought enjoyment to thousands of people over the years.

Susan Ablott said: "Barrow Park. what can I say? A beautifully landscaped public park. Great play area for kids, well-kept outdoor bowls lawns. A massive variety of well established, mature trees, squirrels and other wildlife seen daily. Beautiful Park Lake, just a shame there is no boats anymore. The gardeners and wardens take great pride in keeping the park tidy, well kept. Colourful plants are meticulously planted throughout the year in keeping with the change of seasons. A great dog walking place. Well done to all the staff that keep it a special place."

  • Rothay Park

Ambleside's popular local park is situated in one of the Lake District's most beautiful areas.

Damian R said: "Playground is large with lots of things to climb on (both designed and natural rocks) in an open space surrounded by beautiful scenery. Really nothing to dislike. There are benches scattered all around and some away from the main area (with a slide) should you wish. Gets a bit busy around 11, and it's open 7-9pm."

  • Millom Park

This local park has hosted numerous Parkrun events which has attracted thousands of participants over the years.

Matthew Thomas said: "The new play park is excellent - there was even a good one there 30 years ago when I was a child but the new one is big and great for kids from 3 -10. Just a shame about the litter, there's only one bin and it was overflowing. They've not even thought about putting a bin next to the picnic benches, which is just dumb. That, plus the concrete steps in the toddler area, which is also dumb."