GREEN energy comparison site,, recently conducted a study on which UK county councils are doing their part to become better sustainable businesses.

The report covers the councils that are leading the way in terms of green initiatives and renewable energy, from installing EV charging points to net zero targets.

Uswitch asked the council to answer a series of questions to determine where they would place, some example questions include:

  • 'Is your main building on a green/renewable energy tariff? (Please answer individually for both gas and electric if applicable).
  • Do you have any electric vehicles on your fleet of vehicles for staff? If yes, please state how many.'

The website then subsequently split the councils into three tiers depending on their answers.

Cumbria placed in the gold tier, which means they are the most committed to being green. Only eight councils of the 21 that responded achieved this tier. said:

"These councils are leading the way towards the UK net zero target."

Allan Harty, who is the Assistant Director for Enviroment and Enterprise at Cumbria County Council, shared the news saying:

"Great to see Cumbria County Council ranked in the Gold Tier of USwitch's first Green Council Report."

"Having scored positively in our four requirements to be considered a leader in sustainability. Cumbria County Council has proven to be doing better than 70% of UK County Councils."

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