A rare Pokémon card has sold for more than £5,000 after inspiring a mini bidding war on online auction site eBay.

The Charizard Skyridge Crystal Holo card was officially graded by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), and given a Grade 9 authentication.

Originally produced in 2003, the card, in near mint condition, fetched thousands of pounds for the London seller on eBay.

In total it received 24 bids, before selling for £5,001.

Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette: The rare Charizard card sold for more than £5,000 on eBayThe rare Charizard card sold for more than £5,000 on eBay (Image: eBay)

The sale comes after another rare Pokémon card was given a guide price of £250,000 before going under the hammer at auction.

The 'No.2 Trainer Card' is a unique item from the world-famous series, based on the Japanese comics.

It was owned by Pokémon 'Top Trainer' Tord Reklev, from Norway, before receiving a top end estimate of £250,000.

It was accompanied by a much-coveted 10/10 grade, denoting its perfect condition.

PSA, the leading global TCG grading and authentication specialists, were approached by trading card experts at Baldwin's alongside Tord earlier this year to facilitate the sale.

It eventually sold for £70,000 at Baldwins' Auctioneers in October.

Speaking ahead of the sale, Tord said: “I have loved working with the Baldwin’s TCG team, I have known Tom for 10 years and both he and Roy made this experience with PSA extremely easy.

"I’m really looking forward to meeting up with them and the fans.”

In 1998 an illustrated Pikachu card was sold for almost £5 million, and that currently holds the record.