TRAFFIC calming measures for horses, new signage, and a new footway will be put in place during this year's Appleby Horse Fair following new funding. 

Westmorland and Furness Council’s Integration and Improvement Fund is financing the project, assembled after feedback from the community and town councillors post the 2023 fair.

The Multi-Agency Strategic Coordination Group (MASCG) has reviewed and approved the plans to ensure complete support from all key fair participants.

A spokesperson for Westmorland and Furness Council said: “The funding secured through the Integration and Improvement budget will help to improve experiences for both residents and visitors during the fair, ultimately making the fair as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone, but also delivering some year-round benefits for the local community.’’

Actions include enhancing town-adjacent signage, implementing a temporary height restrictor, and granting residents' exemption permits at Appleby Leisure Centre.

The aim is to curb illegal camping during the fair.

Interim traffic calming measures will be applied to control the travelling speeds of horses and sulkies.

The wreckage of a fence within the verge of the C3004 Appleby-Dufton road, known as 'Flashing Lane' during the fair, will be removed, and a new footpath installed.

The community has repeatedly requested a footpath along this length for safer pedestrian access and improved connectivity.

The council intends to have as many of the improvements introduced in advance of the 2024 fair and it is anticipated that the footway improvement works will commence after the Easter bank holiday weekend.

Another drop-in for the public to share feedback regarding the fair is scheduled for April 10 from 3pm to 5pm at the town's library.