A BELOVED Lake District Mountain Rescue search dog died at age 14 at home with her family last week.

For many years, search dog Rona dedicated herself to her job of saving lives after earning the position in November 2016. 

Highlights of her illustrious career included locating an 87-year-old during storm Hector in June 2018 and a man on Heron Crag in July 2021.

Rona also had several international adventures, like avalanche training in 2016 in Chamonix with French police and border guards.

Snowy locations were her favourite, earning plenty of accolades when it came to winter training.

Her tenacity and determination left such an impression on a Norwegian assessor, who said 'That’s the dog I want to find me!', in case he was ever trapped in an avalanche.

In a post on social media, a spokesperson for Lake District Mountain Rescue Searchdogs said: "I have to say an enormous thank you to all the people involved in her career.

"From all the bodies who might be slightly deafer, to the assessors, who demonstrated unbelievable patience during training, and the many other people that make this association great.

"And to Millcroft Vets for their love, care and professionalism," they said. 

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