Five lovely pooches, currently in the care of Animal Rescue Cumbria, are ready for rehoming. Are you ready to meet them?

Animal Rescue Cumbria and The Wainwright Shelter take in, rehabilitate and rehome 350 cats and dogs every year. Once a dog has been assessed by the animal care team, they can be advertised for adoption.

These beautiful dogs are ready to find their forever families…


BOBBY the French Bulldog is six years old and described as a ‘very sweet boy’ who ‘enjoys a snuggle’.

Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette:

The charity said he is ‘full of energy’ and walks well both on and off lead.

This ‘lovely boy’ could live with children over the age of 10 and would like to find a home with a secure garden.

Bobby has previously lived with a laid back female dog, so could live with a companion or as the only dog in the home.

Animal Rescue Cumbria said he does sometimes jump up and need to find a home without cats.


BARNEY is a ten year old Jack Russell looking for a quiet home.

Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette:

This ‘lovely older man’ has been ‘spoilt rotten’ by previous owners which has left him carrying ‘a lot of extra weight’. He needs short but regular walks to help reduce his waistline.

Animal Rescue Cumbria said: “Barney is quite stubborn and doesn’t like to walk far, but little and often walks will help him lose weight and feel much better.”

Barney has lived a quiet life and needs to be the only pet in the home, he is also not used to living with children.

The Jack Russell is fine walking along side other dogs and enjoys exploring the countryside while he is keen to visit every shop he passes in town.

The charity said Barney will make a ‘great companion’ because he is full of Jack Russell character.


COTTON is a Saluki and Lurcher Cross, estimated to be about five years old.

Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette:

He is described as a ‘very sweet’ and ‘gentle’ boy who would like his new owners to be around lots of the time.

Animal Rescue Cumbria said this ‘affectionate’ pooch would make ‘great company’.

Cotton could be the only dog in the home, or he could live with a laid back female. He could live with older children but needs to find a home where there are no small furry animals.

Cotton travels well and walks nicely on lead but is in need of a home with a secure garden.


NIGHTINGALE, the German Shephard, is 6 years and 9 months old.

Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette:

She would like to be the only pet in the home and is looking for a family who can be around a lot of the time.

Nightingale would be best suited to someone with experience in caring for a large breed and needs a confident owner who can continue her training, as she can be strong on the lead when initially excited.

Animal Rescue Cumbria said she can sometimes be reactive to other dogs when out on walks, but that this can be managed with positive reinforcement training.

Once Nightingale settles down and enjoys her walk, she does well in a town environment.

The charity said she travels well in a secure crate in their van and walks well when using a head collar lead.


YOGI the Akita is just a year old and described as a ‘very friendly and sweet boy who loves cuddles’.

Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette:

He could live with children who are over 10 years old and is good with other dogs so could share his home with another friendly and confident dog.

Yogi walks well on the lead and loves going for walks, so he would like an active family.

He needs a home that has a secure garden and would be best suited to living somewhere without any cats or small furry animals.


If you think you could offer one of these gorgeous dogs the forever home they deserve, please fill out an adoption enquiry form for Animal Rescue Cumbria.

Include as much information about yourself, your experience and your previous pets, as possible.