People in Cumbria have been handed a warning by the police ahead of England's match tonight.

The Three Lions will be taking on Slovakia at 5pm in the hope that they will make it through to the Quarter Finals of the Euros 2024.

With residents expected to be out in their numbers across the county to make the most of the spectacle, Cumbria Police have now published a reminder for everyone to stay safe.

A spokesperson said: "Cumbria is a great place to go out at night and we hope everyone who is out tonight has a good night.

"Please look after yourself and your friends, and know your limits.

"Have a meeting place or plan to get home if separated and if you feel unsafe at any point speak to a member of staff at the venue or a police officer.

"Make sure you celebrate responsibly and make plans to get home - designated driver, bus or cab, don’t put others at risk by drink driving."