PROMINENT politicians in Cumbria have come out in a show of support for England before their match on Sunday.

England will play Italy at Wembley in their first major tournament final since 1966 when they meet at Euro 2020.

Mark Jenkinson, Conservative MP for Workington, said: "We're rooting for them.  I'll be watching from the lounge because of my children.  Hopefully the youngest will make it through the whole game.

"We wish them the best of luck."

Carlisle's Mayor, Councillor Pam Birks, said: "Of course I’ll be watching the game, yes.

“I’m surprised that I’ve still got a roof on my home.  When Harry Kane scored that goal from the penalty that went wrong it was just incredible.  There was that horrible moment and then it all went away. 

"I just wish them all the luck in the world.  I’ll be watching and cheering them on all the way, just like most of Carlisle will.

"I hope that everyone stays COVID-secure but more importantly, we can all bask in the glory at the end of the day."

Tim Farron, MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, said: "I’ll be watching through my fingers like last time.  I’ll watch with my family, hiding behind the settee.  I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed an England game!

Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette:

"The fact that we’re in a final is unreal.  It's the most talented set of players in my lifetime and certainly the best led.  I’ve been as big a backseat fan as anyone but the manager has had it right all this time."

As for his prediction?  "If we score first, we will win.  Then they’ll have to come out and we’ll get a second.  If Italy score first, they're almost impossible to play against."

Cumberland & Westmorland Gazette:

Mayor Mike Starkie, of Copeland Borough Council, said: "I'm football mad.  I've been waiting for this day all my life. I was only 2 when we got to the world cup final.

He was very optimistic, however.  

“I actually think it could be a really classic final.  If the game ends in England win you’re happy either way.  It will be 3-1 to England."

He's already booked Monday off work.

He finished: “Going around the borough the people of West Cumbria are behind England.  Everybody is talking about it on the street and at work. It's really captured the imagination of the people.”

Also from Copeland, MP Trudy Harrison said: "Whilst I can't pretend to understand the off-side rule or know much about football, I do know that the England squad have touched the country in ways never done before. It's been brilliant to appreciate the excitement and anticipation, I'll be watching from home in Sunday. We are all so proud of their performance and spirit, and from Copeland we'll be cheering with great gusto. Bring it home!"

The prediction from Cllr Birks’ household was a 2-1 victory.

In Barrow, Simon Fell MP simply said: "I'll be on the absolute edge of my seat for the match just like everyone else!  I wish them all the best on what I'm sure will be a nail-biter."

John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle, agreed: "It will be 2-1 in 90 minutes."

Despite his Scottish heritage, he was full of praise for the England team.  "I think their performance has been commendable, very good indeed.

"We'll be watching from home and I'm supporting England very strongly.  I've followed it all championship."

He even gave a small tactical insight.

"Italy play more counter-attacking [than Denmark] and England have looked like scoring so I think that they will benefit there."

As for his favourite player?

"Raheem Sterling.  He's fantastic, isn't he?"